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"Your evil therefore became my good"

- Mary Shelley
from her novel Frankenstein

PARASOMNIA is catchall term for the unusual behaviors people experience while sleeping, including sleep paralysis and night terrors.

As a child, Jayne suffered crippling night terrors on a daily basis, in which she saw terrifying ghosts in her dreams. Nobody could help her, so, she learned to live with the pain. Now, at 35, when Jayne wakes up screaming, she feels less afraid and more alone.


To clear her head, Jayne accepts a date with Patrick, who listens to her and makes her feel desired. However, later that night at his house, she has another nightmare where she discovers these ghosts that haunt her dreams were all murdered by the same serial killer.


Caught in between the living and the dead,  Jayne must fight her way out of this house of a psychopath before he lures another victim into his nefarious death trap.

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