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April, 2024 Newsletter

PARASOMIA The Feature Film

April, 2024

Spooky tidings, everyone. Thank you for your patience as we kick up our production. Independent films take time to make, especially when other life priorities constantly bang on your door and rattle your windows!


What We've Been Up To

The Parasomnia Team's Day-to-Day Life!

Parasomnia Teaser Trivia

Where We've Been

On April 4th, Writer/Director Ryan Shovey, Producer/Actress Traycee King, and Actor Clayton Bury, attended Halloween Mixtape in Pasadena, CA - so many horror short films and concepts were shared that night, among them, the teaser for Parasomnia!

Haloween Mixtape screening!

What's to Come!

We just finished our latest draft of the full script! Next steps are to start sending that out to interested actors, producers, and investors. Then, we can start setting up meetings about possible funding and move closer to our eventual production.

Ways you can help!

You can help fund the feature film production for Parasomnia by clicking on the contributions button below! Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more updates!

Te Parasomnia Team on set!

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